Do you have an Inkling? Challenge your very sense of wonder as you explore a mysterious world emerging from your own designs


Game Design

  • A self-reflection casual to mid-core mobile game taking place on a tranquil environment of exploration and beautiful aesthetics centred around the evolution of your creature, the Inkling
  • The Inkling, a creature able to befriend, can breed and solve puzzles unlocking the doors towards incredible worlds of different art styles (water painting, cartoon, pop)!
  • Sequels & Vision: The first release will be asynchronous play while the second release will be multi-player, ultimately creating an Inkling Metaverse

Play to Earn & NFTs

  • NFTs are our Inkling creatures, evolve them and trade!
  • Respecting Privacy we will mint NFTs with user profile data which players will keep and monetize if they wish to!
  • Play to earn players can earn tokens when they befriend other Inklings or discover new worlds!

AI Powered as key for game play in partnership with SingularityNet 

  • User Modelling AI to identify user profiles and feed content according to their game play
  • Pattern recognition or user evolution among others will be developed with the Singularity Net tech stack!

Design Pillars & Loops


Success & Failure


Tend & Befriend


Explore & Collect

NFTs: Inkling Evolution

Cell Stage

Create your own Inkling through your own design and evolve it to become an incredible creature


Befriend other Inklings to evolve your own and get access to new worlds

Explore Complex Worlds

Exploring complex worlds once your Inkling has evolved and has the skills to get access to incredible environments

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